Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the day that demanded sweatpants.

a lazy wednesday was just what the dr ordered. a cold rainy morning and not a thing on the calendar until 8pm. so we decided to just sit around, play with some of our toys, do a bit of laundry, watch a little tv (on the new tv which we finally purchased after we ben thoroughly researched, spreadsheeted, shopped. just a few basketball games in and we're already all "really?! it took us this long to finally just buy the thing?").

annnnnnnnd. listened to jonah's non-stop running commentary on daily life.

"i took my socks off. and i put them on my hands. look, mittens. when dad gets home it will be dark and we'll close the shades and do the dishes and turn on the lights and eat mine's oreos. and i will go potty in mine's potty. and get candy. look mom, i can make baby fatch so happy when i click mine's tongue. see!? here mom, i will help you up. whoa! you are very heavy. when's mine's dad coming home?"

and a couple nuggets from our week:


{sorry I sound so ridiculously bossy in some of these...}

Monday, February 27, 2012

happy monday!


the newest little photobooth fan and his mom.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cuthbert chronicles

- The other morning dusting and vacuuming was on the schedule...but Jonah beat me to it.
I walked into my bedroom while Jonah was wiping down my bedside table with a kleenex.
"I'm cleaning it, for you, mom." Thanks Jonah...I swear I was just getting to that....

- Ironically, though, while I did said cleaning upstairs, my downstairs became exponentially
more dirty (thanks to the "clean" two year old noted above). Makes you wonder if my time spent
cleaning actually put me ahead in the game, or behind...

- Oreos are going to be the death of me. 'why keep them in the house?' you ask. Because they're
like the one thing that my dairy free, nut free, egg free little man is allowed to eat. Which, then,
begs the question: 'what are they?!' Not sure. But they. are. so. good.

- Jonah got some new books for valentines day (from matthias media...of whom my husband raves about).
They are really good. And one of the best parts? The company is Austriallian! Who doesn't love to
read a book with a good 'Mum', 'Pram' (you'll have to look that one up), and an extra 'u' here and there...

-Also, remember our singing toddler? Well, thanks to a great uncle and aunt, we came away from Christmas
with some new music. It's for families, all scripture, and it's not annoying to listen to. Well, unless
you're forced to listen to it over and over. But he knows the words, a lot of the words, the truth of the gospel.
So repetition it is.

- My dad texted me last night to say they were in spencer (it's a town in it if you're curious) for
my high school's girls sub-state game. It's the same place we won our sub-state game--eleven years ago?! oh my old.
And they won. Go Lady Dutch!

- I have a sore left shoulder (which is just depressing all the way around considering the last bullet point).
I've hypothesized it may be related to hauling around appox 16lbs of
baby + carseat/diaperbag/toddler. Too bad there isn't occupational therapy and workers comp for

stay-at-home moms. Talk about hazardous working conditions....speaking of, have you read this article yet?

You probably should.

- We may be late on this train, but we're on it. The Downton Abbey train. We're still working our way
through season one, but will be caught up in no time. Good thing we have kiddos, or Ben and I may be
tempted to take a full weekend and watch episode after episode (it's been hem, 24). I also
made a rule that we're not allowed to stay up past midnight watching them. Ben thinks its a silly rule,
but he also requires much less sleep than me and isn't getting up all night long with a baby (who's
sleeping habits have quickly taking a turn way south...due to a cold?).  The unfortunate thing is, we
don't have that far to catch up since it's only currently in season 2. Maybe we should be savoring these
early episodes.

- We went to the park not too long ago thanks to an unseasonably warm day. Apart from the massive
puddles at the ends of the slides, it was fun. Even though I love winter, we are going a little stir crazy
up in here.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

how we celebrated the day of LoVE

we're big on holidays. all of them. why wouldn't you be? perfect excuse for gifts, celebrations, and just something a little out of the norm. the past couple years ben and I haven't been committed to braving the date out chaos on the day of love (though we may pick this back up in the future) instead we've opted for a perfect evening at home--and thus have saved ourselves from witnessing some uncomfortable restaurant proposal or something (we live in a college town. stereotypical valentines at it's best).

our holiday started last week with valentine card preparation and mailing.

and we practiced loving on each other.

and then the 14th arrived and it was full of roses, and biggby, and donuts for breakfast, and various mickey mouse paraphernalia, and new books, and cards, and take-out italian, and a fire, and downton abbey. 
*contented sigh.

Monday, February 13, 2012

exercising textile independence

I realize I've been slacking a little here. SO, to remedy that, here are a couple snapshots of the boys (wow, pictures of the boys? what a unique post!).
Oh, and thanks for noticing....yes, Jonah does love the Thomas the Tank Engine sweatshirt. And yes, we have gotten into the 'preferences about clothing' stage. This past week it was, "I need my 6! the 6 one! no, not that one, the 6!" (referring to the soccer jersey his aunties picked up for him in Italy. Ironically, the first time I put it on him he hated it because of the 'scratchy'


Monday, February 6, 2012

3 months

{3 months}
full of smiles and laughs
want attention. all. the. time. (preferably from Jonah)
took a crack at the bumbo...a little tippy, but getting there
found hands and tongue
still an easy baby (at least compared with a certain older brother)
doesn't care for bottles (translate: refuses) we're working on that...
okay in the sleeping dept. sleep training my be in our near future
size 3 diapers, 6 month (-9 month) clothes
not sure on the weight/height, but you seem to be doing just fine


Thursday, February 2, 2012

this week I:

*  freaked my kids out in the carwash: check.
*  contemplated cutting a onsie off my newborn: check
*  thought about taping a pacifier to a mouth: check.
*  left the laundry sink hot water running the whole time I ran on the treadmill: check 
*  dropped off and picked up the first load of dry cleaning using the gift card my dad gave me after seeing my ironing pile: check (thanks, dad!)
*  packed up and stored all my up to 6 month boy clothes. already?!: check.
*  bribed my older child to eat his lunch with mickey mouse clubhouse. multiple times.: check.
*  soaked my hands in acetone in (moderately successful) attempts to remove my shellac manicure: check.
*  read chapters in all five books I currently have started: check (I don't really recommend five at once...)
*  impulsively (a little) and reactionary (to baby spit up in my hair) donated 10 inches to Locks of Love:



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

of our visitor

we had a houseguest over the weekend. he drove up from taylor for his Jterm break. we fed him and let him sleep in and nap frequently (a college student after my own heart) and in turn, he let our 2 year old boss him around for three days. thanks for coming to play uncle dan!

"come here, danyo"
"go backstairs with me, danyo"
"play legos, danyo"
"clap for me, danyo"
"danyo! danyo! mom, where's danyo?"