Sunday, November 25, 2012

for the christmas card

most of our family pictures are taken via self-timer/tripod. occasionally we get a good one, but with a one and three year old, there are also a lot of outtakes.

sooo, when we needed a christmas card photo we wanted to capitalize on an aunt (behind the camera), another aunt and grandpa (we'll just call them toddler "handlers"), and a grandma (kid, treat, and blanket prep) that we had at our disposal over Thanksgiving.

wouldn't you know--a front came through and brought 30 degree weather and 30 mph winds.
awesome picture weather.
so the toddler handlers (aunt #2 and grandpa) found a relatively protected area and we hustled out and snapped some.

I wouldn't jump to put the toddlers in the "cooperative" category, but we came away with some pictures to work with--so mission complete. and when all else fails, take some pictures with your husband (because that really doesn't happen all that often).

also...a very big thanks to our beind the scenes help.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

12 months

so I guess I was a bit mistaken when I said this would be the last birthday related post regarding the boys. because, well, this will be (I think?). but it's my blog so....

a walk down memory lane, shall we?

post birthday was met with a serious spell'o sickness. pinkeye, ear infection, some croupy nastiness, and six new teeth. all at the same time. lovely. (once these pearly whites are in, though, there are only 4 more until elementary school--uffda). <--- oh, I'm part scandinavian. I can say that...

your forever laid back and go with the flow personality has been a little challenged by the onslaught of ailments, but we're hoping it shall return?? (I'm not superstitious, but I believe I'm going to cross my fingers just in case).

you have found your independence permanently, however, and if you want/don't want to do something--we'll know about it.
want: to play downstairs, climb stairs, play with phones/remotes, drink out of anyones drink but your own, read books, throw balls, take baths, be outside, play in the dishwasher and toilet.
don't want: to have your diaper changed, face wiped, set down if you want to be carried, be picked up if you want to walk/crawl, have drops put in your eyes---did I mention you've had pinkeye--and be told you can't play in the dishwasher and toilet.

lately, it seems, life to you is just one more page to be ripped, bookshelf to be cleared, stainless steel appliance to be dented, or some poor persons eye to be poked out. all done while saying "no, no, no" and flashing a mischievous smile my direction.

but you're also a lover--lots of hugs and kisses and climbing all over whomever (Jonah) is near.
what a year, thatcher. we love you so very much.

Monday, November 19, 2012

twentynine.1: bighouse

alas, I finally made the pilgrimage to the beloved Big House.
for (celebration part 1) of my birthday.
to sit in the front row--courtesy thirty year season ticket holders.
for the marital showdown of iowa vs. michigan.
hubs won (first time in our marriage).
and then we ate at the wonderful jolly pumpkin and meandered through downtown A2.
part one was good.

and in case it was ever really a question, he's a wolverine like his daddy...

Monday, November 12, 2012


of a marathon. done as of saturday.
for 13.1 miles, ben loved his life and I wanted to die.
but he's also a physical activity sadist, so it all makes sense.

we did a trail run (think mountain bike trail: roots, stumps, steep climbs and descents), not really because we I wanted to, but the race was a saturday (homegirl's married to a pastor--sundays are busy), and it was three miles from our house.
so trails it was.

pre-race, we had set our goal time based on a pavement to trail conversion formula. but after a couple of our early splits, there was kind of a non-verbal agreement that we could maybe push to get under two hours. near the end I knew it would be close, but just could not go faster (at this point, there were a lot of inner conversations like "you will be so mad if you knew you could run faster" and "you have given birth twice, rachel. buck up.").

we crossed at 2:00:15.
I know. You think I could have come up with 15 seconds somewhere...
but mile 13 seemed to last forever.

sweet ben stayed my pace besides a couple dramatic (me? never.) "I can't do this" moments. and maybe next year he can run at his pace--I'm happy to just cheer.

the weather was perfect, the trails were beautiful (at one point sevenish deer ran mind wasn't really in working 'count the deer' order, all I wanted to do was ride one to the finish), and it's done.

in the middle of the race, if asked, I would have said, "absolutely not. never again." but funny how quickly you forget the misery you were just in--a couple minutes after, we were already talking about our next one.

which will be on flat pavement.

*photos courtesy Aunt Katie the Superfan
*sign courtesy Grandma, Jonah, and Thatcher

Sunday, November 11, 2012

a little more.

sick of the whole birthday celebration thing yet? sorry.
I think this is probably the last one (until mine. one week from today in case it's not on your calendar).
speaking of birthdays, we did the whole doctor  thing. with both boys. at the same time.
both were middle of the road for weight. and jonah for height.
and thatch was in the 99% and 98% for height and head circumference (no wonder he's not walking...can we say balance issues?! however, he did take his first steps on friday. let it be documented here lest it not make its way to the baby book...2nd child fail.)
and they got shots. thatcher five (poor kiddo) and jonah one (24 hours later he was still dragging his wounded leg behind him. not whining. not complaining. just dragging).

and the birthday videos. because who doesn't like a bunch of grandpas, grandmas, aunts, and uncles singing happy birthday...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012