Thursday, March 21, 2013

let's dance!

we do march madness around here. in a big way.
even the jmonster.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

to hold you over

so I'm plugging away at pictures. and by plugging away, I mean, here is one more of Ben and me on the Mt of Beatitudes overlooking the sea of Galilee. (this photo thing may be a long process. so, put on your patient pants...).

In other news:

- my 16 month old has an obsession with this craft show on sprout. yes. noodle and doodle. craft show...real puppet....16 months...."noonel.noonel.noonel." when are one and a half year olds into craft shows?!

- and not to be outdone in the 'I like shows that don't match my age' arena, jonah likes the barefoot contessa. "Let's watch your friends cook, mom."

- Jonah just asked me why I had black eyes. not make-up on...or make-up residue. soooo, good suggestions for dark circle concealer?

- ben and I watched zero dark thirty last night. we liked it--definitely kept our attention for the 2.5 hours. and then we went to bed--but I checked on the boys before we did. and I felt all CIA operative sneaking upstairs and into their dark rooms. and then I kind of woke thatcher up... guess I'll leave the whole al qaeda thing to the seals.

(I'm realizing this post sounds like we watch a lot of tv? which brings me to my next bullet point)

- I'm ready for warmer weather (gasp! I know...I never thought I would be that person. I like winter. a lot.). but ear infection city and cabin fever central is 'bout gonna kill me.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


we did it.
everyone survived mom and dad's ten day international adventure.
actually, I was mostly worried about myself. I hadn't even left Thatcher overnight, so ten days was pushing it. but I survived (don't mean to toot my own horn, but after the initial dramatically over the top "what am I doing?!" meltdown, I did pretty well).
every day facetime helped. and I was able to see that my babies were basking in the "TWO grandmas!", pjs 'til lunch, cuddling and cartoons, mcdonalds (happy meals!), playing all day world. maybe I was a little nervous they wouldn't want me back?
we had an awesome trip. I took a ridiculous number of pictures (shocker. they will eventually make it up here). and we're so thankful for the opportunity.
and now we're home. recovering from jetlag (with lots of coffee and disney jr), doing laundry, and cuddling.
still in our pjs.