Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the Christmas tree

as per tradition, we bundled our little selves up and headed to cut down our tree. and drug uncle dan along for the chaos adventure.

and for my farmer, the bundling included digging through the basement and front closet for his pioneer seed corn hat, carhart jacket, military boots and wrangler jeans. because we would hate for someone to mistake us for a "city slicker" now, wouldn't we?

the boys--were mostly troopers (apart from cooperating for a family picture, because why would we start doing that now?). it was chillllly. and they walked their snowboot clad puffy selves all over. and then they chilled by the fire--albeit a bit on the tired side.

and since everyone was being pretty true to character, I picked the first fraiser fir I saw and said cut it down. because I've been known to be pretty impulsive decisive a time or two in my life.

Monday, December 16, 2013

some birthdays and a family arrrgh pirates

before I jump right into the thick of holiday posts, I  thought I better finish up our fall. (awfully wistful thinking for me, perhaps, using the plural of 'post' referring to what I plan to do on here over the next few weeks--but we'll just go with it and hope for the best).

because, well, we turned 2, 4, and...30. And so we celebrated. along with double grandpas and grandmas and an uncle and aunt from boston. (all poorly documented, but at least you get an idea...)

and somewhere in that mix, we all dressed up as pirates and went trick or treating. and i mean we ALL dressed up--because when the main man decides he's going to participate in something, he is going to participate 115%.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

the three amigos

these two are getting a brother...and we are sincerely thanking the Lord that he looks like a very healthy baby brother. jonah's heart was sort of hoping for a girl, but thankfully, when you're 4, a balloon usually curbs any sort of disappointment. and he's throwing out names like Snapper and I think we're already moving in the right direction.