Thursday, September 29, 2011

sneak peak: 2yr

We took J out to get some two year pictures of him (can you believe he's going to be two?!). I should have expected, it was a big old pregnant lady chasing a two year old trying to get him to stand still, smile, and look at the camera. Did I think that was going to work well?

Regardless, with a little help from his dad, I think we got some good pictures (and a lot of action shots). Here's a little preview...more coming...eventually.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

snippets from our days

J: "Mom?!"
Me: "Yes, Jonah?"
J: "Jesus loves you."

(by all means, if your feet are cold, wear any socks you can find...even mom's!)

J, while pushing buttons feverishly on his play cell phone: "I texting."

(first horse ride. very exciting)

Ben on phone: " we'll just have to catch-up soon!..."
J in the other room: "mmmmmm....yummm...mmmmm"
Me: "what's yummy?"
J: "ketchup."

(not sure who was more proud about this...)

Recently we purchased what is affectionately known as 'the tent' for Jonah's bed. It keeps him in, and safe, and has provided us some much needed sleep that was lacking for a couple weeks. It's totally humane (don't judge me). Anyway, at first let's just say, it wasn't really Jonah's favorite thing. But we all got used to it and "no cry in tent" (complete with finger shake and raised eyebrows) anymore. Actually, when I went to get him out after his nap today he wouldn't get out and passionately yelled "NO! Play in tent." Paradigm shift?

(Jordans. a couple sizes too big still, but someone found them and won't take them off.)

Yes. You are funny, little man...

rite of passage

I mean, who hasn't taken a tumble down the stairs?

Really, it was inevitable--and we're mostly thankful that he escaped with just a goose egg (of which this picture really doesn't do justice) and it didn't send me into early labor (can we say adrenaline rush?). Actually, he thought an ice pack, McDonald's (I'm a softy), and a trip to see dad may have even made the unfortunate expririence--worth it?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

still, no ice cream.

This one? Well, unfortunately, he's still allergic to eggs, nuts, and dairy. We spent our morning at the allergist, and after having the prick test on his back (think lots of little needles) he reacted to everything (think back full of hives). Thankfully, he's a total trooper and with some crayons, Thomas the Tank Engine pictures, and the promise of donuts--we survived the appointment tearless. Here's hoping he eventually outgrows these, but we are certainly thankful for a very happy and healthy (almost) 2 year old--despite the slight inconvenience.