Friday, July 29, 2011

the great nighttime debacle

I'm not a superstitious, don't believe in getting 'jinxed', really, none of that. But given the "I'm so thankful Jonah goes to bed so easily" I gave Ben last night around 9pm, one must think that the subsequent events were....ironic?

The thunderstorm that landed on top of our house at about 1:15am proved a couple things. Jonah doesn't like 1) thunder {understandable} and 2) the dark {power outage}. So, after putting the terrified little stinker in between us in bed, the next several hours are a big blur of getting my eyes poked, having a hot little body lay right on top of me, rocking a 21month old who only wanted to read "books!", listening to the aforementioned 21month old scream from his bed, Ben sleeping on the floor next to Jonah's bed, then Jonah and Ben "sleeping" on the floor next to Jonah's bed, then more crying from bed, and more eye poking, and whining, and flipping oneself out of his bed and opening his door, and finally (at appox. 4:55am--but who's keeping track) sweet sleep. Was it foolish of me to think he may sleep in? Probably. Because at exactly 8am (like every other normal morning) he was up. and ready to go.
So, while (I hope) you've gathered some humor from my night, I will be laughing after we've had naptime--a long one....

knock on wood?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Benny!

It was Ben's birthday about a week ago--and since he had a meeting on his actual birthday, the celebrating kind of got extended over various evenings throughout the week. Plans to go out got postponed due to a broken a/c (do you remember how hot it was last week?!) which thankfully ended up being a quick and relatively inexpensive fix (especially compared to the "we'll probably need a new air conditioner and I bet they won't be able to replace it for another week" that we were both anticipating). So on the hottest of evenings, when the house was 90+, we did one of Ben's favorite things--went to the movies. And what movie would you want to see if you were 30something? Probably Winnie the Pooh--especially if it was your kiddo's first trip to see a film strip.

We could harldly make it to our seats we were so excited...

watching a movie is serious business. Don't be fooled though, my little mover had to try out about every open chair in the theater during the movie's duration...thankfully, there were about 6 other people there--with other loud/young kids--I don't think we severely disturbed anyone.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

st. joe

We got back about a week ago from spending time in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, MI with Ben's family. It was a super relaxing time of beach, pool, and a whole lot of good food. I know, by the past few posts, it may seem we're just constantly on vacation...I promise, we're not...

the lone thunderstorm (severe thunderstorm)...but really cool to watch

tv in your sweatshirt and diaper. life. is. good.

J didn't love the big lifejacket...

but was a fan of the jet it all worked out

why yes, Michigan does have lovely sunsets, doesn't it?

While we were there, Ben and I had the chance to slip over to Chicagoland for the wedding of some great friends.

we got to see some of our favorite people...

and celebrate Jake and Erin. Congrats DeClutes!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a country's birthday

We spent our 4th doing what you do on the 4th. We went to a parade--you know, the good kind. Basically 35 minutes of candy being hurled at you, and tractors and dirt bikes and endless emergency vehicles (sorry no pictures of this Decatur, MI bash). Then we ate, a lot, and caught up with friends, and swam, and laid in the sun, and inspected Grandpa's corn. And we completed it with sparklers, almost like a birthday candle. So happy birthday, America! Thanks for giving us a gorgeous day off.

new gogs from grandma

can't you just feel the excitement? this, my friends, is a boy who loves the water.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

we be jammin'

The strawberry variation. We picked (well, mostly Ben picked) strawberries on Thursday which meant Friday (despite the relentless flu bug that swept our house) was for making jam. So, my little helper and I added sugar to strawberries (or strawberries to sugar--probably an unfortunate/tasty wash) and now we have ourselves a freezer full of this loveliness. You would think that amidst all these amazing berries, one couldn't contain themselves from trying a few. Well not the littlest man in the house--he has the willpower/stubborn will much beyond his years, and I'm pretty sure he still has never even made tongue to strawberry contact. oh well. more for me...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

out east

We got home last week from our 10 day adventure to Boston's northshore. Ben was attending a conference and the rest of my family decided to meet us out there (since P & J live out there, too). We spent a week in a house in Rockport reading, sleeping, walking, playing, eating, beaching (really not all that much--the atlantic is a bit chilly in early June) and enjoying the quaintness that is new england. We also had a chance to see some friends that are still in the area -- so hard to believe we've been gone 2 years.

our morning view: I could get used to this...

my dad's first introduction to angry birds.

a trip in to beantown and dinner in the North End