Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mickey & his pumpkin

halloween today, birthday party saturday--we've got a real mickey thing going on around here.

and though our pumpkins are now a mangled mess left over from a squirrel feast, this is what they started off like--a couple weeks ago when aunt katie came to town.

and since I refused to spent $50+ on a nasty polyester jumpsuit for mickey, this is what we did. (our pumpkin was $17 from marshalls...easy peasy.)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012


potty training that is.
well, we have been for awhile...but I think I failed to properly celebrate here on the blog.



and we went to chuck e cheese. talk about woohoo. but the celebratee loved it.

sooo...all missions. accomplished.

Friday, October 19, 2012


last weekend was MSU's homecoming.
so the hawkeye, the wolverine, and their two confused boys took some pictures (duh) and headed to the friday night parade (because the wolverine and his oldest love a good parade, regardless of who it's for).

it was a great fall evening, and since we were preparing for a cold and soggy (um. understatement.) gameday (for which we would go and watch the hawks be double overtime victorious!!) we thought this would be the best way to celebrate fall, and football, and all those good things.

all ponchoed up and ready for the big win!!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I was practicing some picture/editing on thatcher (he loves it, don't worry...or will learn to) and thought I'd share some of the destructive monkey (seriously, the pile of "to be fixed" books and toys is steadily growing....).

also, and totally unrelated, I have two boys (and a brother) who will never fully appreciate the eyelashes they've been given.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

year three.

happy birthday to our fiercely independant, verbally delightful, very thoughtful, crazy imaginative, and unbelievably loveable three year old.

your keen awareness of the world around you keeps us laughing with your constant commentary on daily life. I don't write down nearly enough, but not a day goes by that you don't surprise us, delight us, or make us laugh. we love that you "blose" your nose and have "prinkley" hands when you get out of the bathtub. 

your memory is good. like scary good. like still telling us the color of everyones' balls when we went mini-golfing in july...and song lyrics? you know them all.

we continue to pray that your little heart grows in love and knowledge of our great God. you ask lots of questions, love night time bible reading, are so sweet with your bowed head and folded hands, and will often say things like, "God and Jesus are the same, did you know that, Dad?"

as a continual reminder of how important order is for you (dad trait.) you refuse to read the 'countdown' book any way but in reverse. because everyone knows you count to ten ''

you love your brother. and though sometimes, as of late, that love is a little too...physical...he loves you too. lots and lots.

some favorites: mickey mouse, books, oreos, dancing, sweet potato fries, cars, puzzles, football, swimming, beaches, movies, fruit snacks, orange pop, parks (especially when you have them all to yourself. sharing is not one of your current favorites), helping in the kitchen, and pretending (that you're a doctor, or shopping at "J. Maxx" [tj maxx], or that you're driving Hootie on your "'tend street").

we're so thankful that on this day, three years ago, you made your grand entrance...and made us parents. we. are. so. blessed.

happy birthday, little man.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


:: horse ride at church
:: who needs a dog when you have a thatcher? he plants himself right under his brother whenever possible.
:: potty training when you're super independent = pants problems.
:: family nap
:: neighbor's new driveway
:: swing lovin'
:: someone may have a better memory than his dad