Sunday, September 16, 2012

summer recap

amidst a summer that often felt like a blur, there were a couple moments that never made the blog but I still wanted to remember. 
and we've been potty training this week (and trust me, you do not want a play by play of that. and I don't want to give one to you. no need to relive some of these moments) so in lieu/loo (for those of you who like puns) of a potty post--here you go:

:: seeing/meeting longtime friends...whose wedding we had to miss because of Tman's BIRTHday.
:: I played on a coed softball team this summer. and now fall. so fun. and a reminder: I'm a hasbeen.
:: one of many softball injuries. 'hasbeen'--see also 'old, washed up, and very sore the next day'.
:: oldie but goodie. boots.
:: john deeres
:: freezing corn
:: the endless birthday
:: clemens' traditional cake (a little short on frosting...)
:: a joyride in grandpa's birthday present
:: touchdowwwwwn Michigan!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

10 months

count 'em. TEN. that's just two months away from a year---oh my.

first haircut (after these photos--really just remedying the puff on top).
 starting to really know what you want (or don't the case of bananas. yes, uncle dan, be proud.)

flirting with the idea of crawling on all fours and pulling up on things, but then deciding that you'd rather stick with the scoot.
which, is pretty efficient. and every time I watch you do it (especially on the wood floor) it reminds me of learning the breaststroke.
pull, (minus the breathe), kickglide. you've really perfected the glide.
walking? you're really not all that interested. I don't think you're going to be on the 'walk by eleven months jonah plan'. but you've already established that you beat to your own drum--so we're not too surprised.

waving bye-bye, doing 'so big!', still clapping--alot. 

words: mama, dada, a strange sound that means 'jonah' (it's consistent and always excited and with a smile), wow, and ball. speaking of ball, it's really a favorite these days...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

pure michigan

and just like that vacation, and seemingly summer, is gone.
but? we surely went out with a bang.
sleeping bears dunes/glen arbor/traverse--yes please.
a steady bike/beach/sunset/park/hike/run/shop/sleep/read/eat/repeat--absolutely.

and so, we pulled in about midnight last night... in time to watch the string of state fans leave spartan stadium elated and wake up to watch gameday with my own pack of wolverines (and hawkeyes!)

goodbye sweet summer--hello fall.