Monday, December 24, 2012

a second advent

as we celebrate Advent--the arrival and birth of our Savior--I can't (at least I shouldn't) help but think about the second Advent. of Christ's return.

do I long for Jesus to come back? yes. but, if I'm honest with myself, there are a lot of moments that my life seems pretty good. sure, there's disappointment, and selfishness, and loneliness, and jobs can be monotonous, and families can be dysfunctional, and I witness the effects of a fallen world daily.

but there are some really good things, too. I mean, I love my kids. and my husband. and I have good friends. and I'm looking forward to seeing family, and celebrating Christmas.
and so when I say, 'come, Lord Jesus' do I mean: "after Christmas morning--because I'm really looking forward to seeing my kids faces and just celebrating with them." or "after I have the opportunity to watch my kids grow up, and be successful, maybe have kids of their own?!" or "after my husband and I have a chance to take that really fantastic vacation we've been planning."?

or do I mean. Come. Lord. Jesus.

like right now. to redeem. and make all things new.
is my view of eternity truly better than this?

when the world was confronted last week with the pain and evil of Newtown, I am reminded that we live in a fallen place, a really fallen place. and all of a sudden Christmas, and the first Advent, means so much more.

so as we sing about the first coming of Jesus, as we declare o come o come emmanuel, it is with all the more fervor that we must think on the second Advent as well. and say--as Wesley penned nearly 200 years ago--come thou long expected Jesus.

Come, thou long expected Jesus, 
born to set thy people free; 
from our fears and sins release us, 
let us find our rest in thee. 
Israel's strength and consolation, 
hope of all the earth thou art; 
dear desire of every nation, 
joy of every longing heart.

Born thy people to deliver,
born a child and yet a King,
 born to reign in us forever, 
now thy gracious kingdom bring. 
By thine own eternal spirit 
rule in all our hearts alone; 
by thine all sufficient merit, 
raise us to thy glorious throne. 

--Charles Wesley 1744--


I've been playing around with the look of the blog--so, sorry the links don't work. yet. they may. eventually. but since I don't make a dime off this here blog, I'm not in a big rush. I've got babies to cuddle, gifts to wrap, and suitcases to pack.

merry christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

my oldest

is fun. and joyful. and expressive. and scary observant.
his memory is exceptional and his verbage is delightful.
he spends his day " 'tending" and using his hysterical imagination.
and every now and then--he really gives us a run for our money.

I'm not sure if he's in the "strong-willed" camp (I mean, aren't all kids? to a certain degree?) but he certainly has his moments (and on the spectrum, is more that way, than say, his brother).

I'm still learning about my kids. what works, what doesn't (and believe me. I have two very different boys). how best to discipline--and what makes them tick. and even though my socks don't need to be perfectly lined up and I really don't have issues with my food touching--they might (and their dad might, too).

my oldest does best when he is properly warned and prepared. you want a meltdown? throw him in the car and bring him to the doctor without telling him what you're doing. I've learned it's better to practice taking our shoes off and standing on the scale, taking our temperature under our arms, and listening to our hearts. it usually goes much more smoothly. 

we're flying to california right after Christmas. have I already started prepping about taking our shoes off, putting our backpack on the conveyer belt, and walking through the metal detector? absolutely. Is his new favorite thing to pretend now 'airport'? yes. (his dad really took it the next level today--I think they were snacking on apple juice and crackers and even managed to go pick up the rental car). we don't always have time to give forewarning, but if I do? it's so worth the extra five minutes.

I'm constantly regretting (but trying to do better!) not writing down everything he asks or says. I find myself laughing at his commentary or shocked at his observations all the time.

he's in a super helpful stage right now, and would drop anything if it mean't helping his dad outside or me in the kitchen. I'm doing my best to be patient in this--one can only have so much help making coffee in the morning (and it's kind of a delicate time for us all).

just recently, Jonah wrote his name on a piece of paper. just like that. he also has been say "whatever" with a strong teenager tone (we're trying to curb that). but seriously. when did he grow up?

the kid gets down right giddy when he has his family with him. he's super affectionate and seeing him play (albeit, much too roughly) with his brother is just... well, great.

he may watch too much tv (and the threat of taking it away may work better than any--any--other form of punishment), he may gag down (usually done while I yell, "don't you throw up!") any vegetable we try to feed him, and he may yell, "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" 500 times before he actually goes to bed at night,

but we love this kid.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

the tree

It's got to be real. period.
And, we will cut it down ourselves.
Because what other good reason would the farmboy have to wear his beloved carharts?

...and in true Clark Griswold style, we will have fun regardless of the frozen, uncooperative children.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


a late night pajama clad present opening and a post thanksgiving cake bash. doesn't get much better.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


yes. I'm behind over here. but would you believe me if I said this past week has included a concussion, six hours in the ER, an overnight in the hospital, and three cases of the stomach flu? needless to say, not a lot got done (apart from bleaching my house)--and though the future is looking promising--we're still recovering.

and anyway, I wasn't very good about taking pictures this thanksgiving---well, at least not of the food and stuff (because I was stuffing my face. obviously.)

no, but really, I snapped a few of the festivities, but mostly? I got picture of people. and since (apart from Jesus) that's what I'm most thankful for (don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for good food) I guess it's fitting.

and.... the hostesses with the mostess(es)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

for the christmas card

most of our family pictures are taken via self-timer/tripod. occasionally we get a good one, but with a one and three year old, there are also a lot of outtakes.

sooo, when we needed a christmas card photo we wanted to capitalize on an aunt (behind the camera), another aunt and grandpa (we'll just call them toddler "handlers"), and a grandma (kid, treat, and blanket prep) that we had at our disposal over Thanksgiving.

wouldn't you know--a front came through and brought 30 degree weather and 30 mph winds.
awesome picture weather.
so the toddler handlers (aunt #2 and grandpa) found a relatively protected area and we hustled out and snapped some.

I wouldn't jump to put the toddlers in the "cooperative" category, but we came away with some pictures to work with--so mission complete. and when all else fails, take some pictures with your husband (because that really doesn't happen all that often).

also...a very big thanks to our beind the scenes help.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

12 months

so I guess I was a bit mistaken when I said this would be the last birthday related post regarding the boys. because, well, this will be (I think?). but it's my blog so....

a walk down memory lane, shall we?

post birthday was met with a serious spell'o sickness. pinkeye, ear infection, some croupy nastiness, and six new teeth. all at the same time. lovely. (once these pearly whites are in, though, there are only 4 more until elementary school--uffda). <--- oh, I'm part scandinavian. I can say that...

your forever laid back and go with the flow personality has been a little challenged by the onslaught of ailments, but we're hoping it shall return?? (I'm not superstitious, but I believe I'm going to cross my fingers just in case).

you have found your independence permanently, however, and if you want/don't want to do something--we'll know about it.
want: to play downstairs, climb stairs, play with phones/remotes, drink out of anyones drink but your own, read books, throw balls, take baths, be outside, play in the dishwasher and toilet.
don't want: to have your diaper changed, face wiped, set down if you want to be carried, be picked up if you want to walk/crawl, have drops put in your eyes---did I mention you've had pinkeye--and be told you can't play in the dishwasher and toilet.

lately, it seems, life to you is just one more page to be ripped, bookshelf to be cleared, stainless steel appliance to be dented, or some poor persons eye to be poked out. all done while saying "no, no, no" and flashing a mischievous smile my direction.

but you're also a lover--lots of hugs and kisses and climbing all over whomever (Jonah) is near.
what a year, thatcher. we love you so very much.