Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Israel :: part I

Finally, right?! I mean...we've been home for a month and a half?... we're just going to have to stick with the 'better late than never' mantra.

We flew into tel aviv and from there moved north along the coast and then headed to the Galilee area (staying in Tiberias) for a couple days. But, alas, there are many a archeologist/theologian/historian that have written books much better than any blog post I'm going to write--so let's just stick with the pictures, shall we?

Caesarea Maritime/Mediterranean
Jezreel Valley/Mt Carmel
Sea of Galilee/Tiberias
Mt of Beatitudes
Caesarea Philippi

Saturday, April 6, 2013

easter part two

Easter morning started with a little hunt for some gems from EB (Easter Bunny) and then we juggled the who went to church when, with who, in what vehicle (thanks to a little help from a friend)--since we still had a live puker.

post church, we packed up ourselves, and all our germs (and beach towels and bowls), and headed off to Maplewood Farms, LLC for the annual bash--including an egg hunt, obstacle course, and this year: Michigan's Elite Eight game.

and of course, remembering 7 years ago when I was invited to this shindig....and then I got married at Christmas (pound it, Jessie).

Thatch--still rocking the flu uniform.

did I forget to mention the eggs had money in them?