Friday, June 29, 2012

recently viewing

are you as excited as we are about what's going on in the wide world of sports? 

I mean, olympic trials (with olympics coming in august--tell me the song they play on nbc doesn't give you goose bumps), euro cup, wimbledon, and the tour de france. would you believe me if I told you I debated making a chart so that I didn't miss anything?

Not sure my mickey mouse crazed two year old is loving the change in scenery above the fireplace as much as us, but he did ask for soccer the other day, so we're getting there.

and since being outside is akin to standing in an oven, I'm not feeling too badly about hangin' in the AC.

my ironing pile is thanking me (all good christmas gift cards must come to an end...) 

and we did take a hiatus to head to the splash pad. 

gymnastics tonight, tour tomorrow, euro cup final sunday. 
just in case you needed that information for your chart...

Monday, June 25, 2012


'twas another TROOPS wedding (I'll save you the background on the name...) . so in lieu of a weekend at the lake (though not nearly enough time to catch up properly), we just went for a beautiful wedding, celebrated erica and troy, and got to meet the newest trooplet, bonnie. as expected, it was all just gorgeous.

and because everyone loves a little walk down memory lane...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

summer trip

we just got back from a roadtrip to iowa. the land of the dutch, rolling farm country {"and people think they can feed the world with their little community gardens!?" -the farmboy}--and my youth. it was a pretty quick trip, but we managed to squeeze in time with lots of friends and family. we also celebrated a {16th!?} birthday and attended a {quite memorable} 10 year class reunion.

the boys did great for the 12 hour {each way} car trip and though baby #2 got his first ear infection {think screaming all night long}, a quick trip to dr. grandpa at the clinic had us back to normal in a matter of hours.

and I was pretty pathetic in the photo department. but this is what I got.

the boys with their great grandma

{second} cousins are so fun

friends since birthdays were in the single digits

Monday, June 11, 2012

family run

our church hosts a 5K every spring/summer. it takes a pretty significant amount of work (ben oversees it, so I'm speaking from first hand experience here...) but it's a friday evening, with a live band, and it's totally family friendly.

this is the second year we ran in it (it was rained out the first year we were here) and we got our time down under 25 minutes (which was enough to snag me a medal). the 60+ lbs of boys/stroller is the great equalizer between ben's pace and mine (although it does hinder his ability to contend for a medal)...I did push for about 100 yards while he drank some water, though.

there's also a kids race, which jonah (kind of) ran in. he looked cute with his little number, though, and was so proud of his medal.

if you live in mid-michigan, we'll plan on seeing you next year, ok?

here and here and here are a couple more pics from the race.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

7 months

did it sneak up on you? because it certainly did us.

as did the (count 'em) three new top count: 6
adding some more veggies to the menu, you're not too sure, but have also made it clear that if it's food, you'll take it.
you continue to be super content and laid back.
jonah is your favorite, hands down. and you're his, too...
blue eyes and big cheeks are still hanging around--some mama characteristics.
sitting up really well, and loving your new found ability to jump in the jumper.
still not sleeping through the night, but despite the teeth, are doing pretty well.

thatcher, you are a joy. we comment so often on how easy you are and are so blessed by these last 7 months.

Friday, June 8, 2012

first harvest

"I feel like such a suburbanite," 
said the farmboy, to whom 'harvest' usually means several weeks and thousands of acres, not a couple leaves of lettuce and some parsley. but our very modest garden is producing, so salads all around.

and everything around here is starting to bloom. which just makes summer all the more beautiful.

celebrating baby s

jeni was back in the mitten from her east coast home, so we celebrated her and little baby girl. and one thing is for sure, this beautiful mama and her handsome sri lankan (you're welcome, godwin) are going to have one adorable little lady...