Tuesday, February 19, 2013

15 months

here are a bunch of pictures that are almost in focus.
but fitting I guess...because, I'm no professional, but moving subjects can sometimes be hard to get into focus. and this subject is on the move. always.

he's 15 months (and change). okaaaay, like probably closer to 16 months.
and he loves books. and the ABCs. and dancing, brushing his teeth, and playing in the basement or outside. and he's really attached to his blankie and paci.

he is a climber. stairs, couches, bookshelves. oy vey. and his height (91%) is only helping this. as is his determination and the (much to my shagrin) help and encouragement from his older brother. caution to the wind, this one.

favorite words: more, 'hungy' (hungry. and he always is. he's got almost 26lbs and a 99% head to keep filled up), bye bye, hi!hi!hi!, me, juuuuu (juice), broccoli (yes he likes broccoli, but he also seems to use this word often...so we're really not sure). nighnie (sweet boy kinda likes his bed. just like his mama). but he's all sorts of chatty these days...

he has 16 teeth. and has for awhile. it was a really intense (read: super crabby and sleepless) couple of months. but we're on the other side. phew.

and inside this sweet bundle of adventurous joy is a little defiant stinker who won't look at the camera and finds great satisfaction of doing the the exact opposite of what you ask. we've got our hands (and hearts) really, really full.

Monday, February 18, 2013

our fourteenth

it happened to be on a thursday (the pastor's day off). so that was perfect.
flowers, mcdonalds, swimming, homemade ice cream, long runs, a fire, late night take-out.
as far as days go, that's about as awesome as they come.

Friday, February 15, 2013

little fans

I've been horrible about taking {good} pictures, lately.
I blame the iphone camera and uncooperative children. and, life!
(it gets busy. and I'm leaving my children for ten days in less than two weeks. I'm in panic mode.)
but even though there are only about three iphone pictures from yesterday's vday celebrations (a day which, in the past, I've gone to great lengths to document. like here. and here.), it was a really, really wonderful day.
so until those photos make their way on here, I hope these will do.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

snow daze

amidst the schizophrenic weather that is michigan, we're trying to get out and enjoy the snow while we have it--you know, before it's 40 and raining...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

the basket

laundry baskets are pretty exciting around here. if they're around, laundry is quickly dumped out (with no regard for whether or not it was already folded) and we fight over, push around, sit in, flip over...for hours of fun.

why even bother with toys....