Tuesday, June 18, 2013

up north

two weekends in a row we voyaged to the beautiful fingertips of the mitten (and I've come to really appreciate the diverse beauty of this state--I'm also married to a sentimental who hushes us every time Tim Allen's voice over takes us on a journey through pure michigan).

but really, we love it. and we loved being able to travel "up north" for 1) the bayshore half marathon 2) time with family and a wedding.

weekend one (more like 24 hours) was spent in traverse city where ben and I ran the bayshore half marathon. it was SO gorgeous, awesome weather, and we both set PRs. the morning started early (4:45am) and cold (37*) and I spent forever trying to decide what amount of clothing to wear and where to pin my number so I wouldn't be too hot/cold. I ended up going with the reverse halter (see below) and it worked out perfectly...

weekend two was spent lakeside in glen arbor and then in traverse at my cousin's wedding. I think the pictures pretty much sum it up...

the beginning of the kayak adventure--all 3 minutes of it...

"nonuts. soo good." so good that I think I'll take a bite out of each one and then call it good.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

halfway to two and four

can you even believe it?!
and they're really starting to be friends--and almost seem lost when the other one isn't around.
and revel in driving each other crazy.
brothers---I love it.

This one certainly hasn't fallen into his brother's shadow. He is his very own uninhibited 27lbs of spirited energy. In a world where most kids grow up tough because of older siblings, this one is oft seen chasing his older brother with bats, sticks, and just the threat of a big fat tackle.

Eighteen months might be one of my favorite and least favorite phases (so far) with both boys. At the same time that they are developing into little humans--full of new words and all sorts of things--they both have picked around this point to really express their defiance/independance. It's both challenging and hilarious at the same time.

When Thatcher says "Mom" you have exactly 2 seconds to acknowledge him before you get an ear piercing, blood curdling screaming mess. And a brother who's yelling "Please answer him! He's hurting my ears!"

His vocabulary has really been on a roll lately--he's officially mastered more words than I can name. A couple of my recent favorites (and enlightenment into my own vocabulary): "So good!" (whenever he eats something), "where'd ____ go?", his medley of the ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace, and the Hot Dog song, and the "mom! watch!" as he dives from couch to chair, etc...

Favorite foods: blueberries (which he calls grapes in moments of desperation), teddy grahams, pizza, and marshmellows (I'm raising a health nut, what can I say...). However, his pallet is much larger than his brother's, so we'll just celebrate our small victories.

Jonah keeps us laughing. Full of all sorts of questions and hysterical phrases, we're watching what we say around him lately because he seems to pick up on everything, doesn't forget anything, and likes to share details with anyone who's interested. Our little southpaw has mastered his alphabet and has been writing JONAHMOMDADTHATCHER all over the house....

Ever slightly cautious, I can tell Thatcher's antics often stress him out. Well, I mean, Thatcher's antics kind of stress us all out.

I'm constantly saying I should be writing more Jonah stories down so I don't forget, but haven't been, and am forgetting (grandmas?! aunts!? please be remembering....)--but I do remember recently Jonah recounting, in detail, the "picture behind his eyes while he slept."

Kids are awesome.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

our days...

have looked a lot like:

sending dad off in the morning

backyard baseball, yard "work", and snack "sharing"

grilled dinners on the porch (like this fish and this fruit salsa--new staples for us.)

and outside bedtime snacks

so, average...or slightly above. ;)