Monday, January 28, 2013

unhappy woodsmen

ever since that beautiful wood was piled in our garage, I've been itching to get some pictures of the boys. I gave ben strict orders not to burn it until I had (but it's been cold up in here!). thus my "it's too cold to take pictures but so cold we want to use the wood for fires" dilemma.

so it was only kind of cold. and there was a beautiful snow happening outside (on the chance that maybe we could snap a few out there, too?). and ben was home. and then there were the matching flannels they got for christmas!

everything was shaping up quite nicely.


apparently it was still a little too cold. so in the end, we got a couple of 'ok' ones....and a whole lot of outtakes. we were out there for a grand total of about 4 minutes before we called it quits... because, well, you know that feeling of not wanting to bend your knees because it will touch your cold jeans? yeah. jonah knows it, too.

and if we're in the business of documenting reality, well, you go.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

sunshine and roses :: part III

and here's what you've all been waiting for: all things roses.
like the actual rose parade, and anna doing her field show, and float decorating, and the rose bowl. 

'twas a very early morning on January 1. and despite imagining every worst case scenario (because that's what I do best), it didn't go too badly--the boys held it together pretty well (though, my parents had the unfortunate task of taking two very tired boys back via bus while the rest of us went to the game).

I've also included one more picture of sunset beach. because who doesn't like looking at a beach when it is negative double digits out?

and in case you missed it, here is what al roker has to say.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

sunshine and roses :: part II

the middle generation (sans anna) took a day a couple hours and flew around (or drove as quickly as one can in southern california traffic) to some high spots: in and out, venice beach, santa monica, riveria country club, rodeo, bev hills, hollywood.

ben and I also snuck away on a (six year!) anniversary date to laguna (and balboa island for chocolate covered bananas). 

not bad.