Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm back! (at least for one post.)

I realize all you (12ish?) regulars have probably noticed my unintentional blogging hiatus. Sorry? And by sorry I mean, "here are a couple snapshots from the past four months, hope it's not another four months until I get some on here...but I can't make promises!"

But life happens. And shoulder surgeries and three busy boys and lots of pictures for other people and blah, blah... And really by the time everyone finally stops talking at night, and we stop yelling threats through the two-way monitor at the boys (while they do who knows what in their room, literally shaking the chandelier. video monitors? not for us. why take away the anticipation of the 11pm check in on the boys and finding an undressed and floor sleeping thatcher?) I feel much more inclined to catch up on an episode of white collar than google forums on why the most recent upgrade has made my macbook run painfully slow.

so, here I am. coming into the Christmas season with a new found fervor (at least for today) to document my children somewhere other than my iphone and to bring my laptop to apple so they can make the little color wheel of agony go away.

I suppose there is a touch of humor in imagining the boys someday piecing together their semi- documented childhood. "A partial baby book! Oh, mid 2010 is when she moved from Facebook to a blog. Oh, she must have gotten instagram near the end of 2012. Oh, back to the blog." And I do find solace in the fact that somewhere there should be an excessive external hard drive with a nice chronological collection of phone pictures that can confirm that Oliver did, in fact, spend the lion's share of November 2014 alternating between the same two pairs of footie pajamas.

so enjoy the compilation of sweet days spent lake michigan beachside, trips to iowa, hours spent playing the the leaves, birthday celebrations, christmas programs and whatever else I can scrounge up.


wolgie wranglers said...

love them all--what little men Jonah and Thatcher are! And I hold nothing against you--I only hope other people are better at this than me;)

Rachel Jones said...

love O as the pumpkin - that pic is fantastic. loved the update and seeing all your boys and you! <3

Rachel Jones said...
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