Wednesday, May 14, 2014


finally, some more pictures from our first couple weeks as a family of five. turns out 1) doing a photoshoot of your newborn those first couple days at home {when they're the sleepiest and most photogenic} just doesn't seem to make it to the top of the list {but I got a points for that??} 2) the iphone has ended up taking WAY more pictures than my good camera 3) kid number three just doesn't get the photographic attention that the first babies do--and thus, neither do their visitors {sorry!} 

but my mom left yesterday, and besides a couple days last week, this is our first real day doing this thing alone. I'm happy to report that Ben is expected home in the next half hour and everyone is alive {and dressed. and, relatively, well fed}. and everyone even napped at the same time this afternoon---which was amazing and much needed considering my current mantra: I will sleep again, someday. I will.

thanks to my mother-in-law and mom, the older boys think that getting a new brother is amazing--because nobody is better at playing than a "grumma" {thatcher}. seriously, they haven't missed a beat.
and my mom cleaned my house, ironed all our clothes, and I think probably put enough meals in my freezer to get me well into June. {thanks mom!}


Rachel Jones said...

oh my goodness - these pics! He is pure preciousness. So thankful he is here and healthy! What a beautiful baby - love you!!

Anonymous said...

He's so beautiful, Rachel! Congratulations. And HOW do you look that stunning after giving birth?? What a beauty you are!

the cuthberts said...

Betsy! Congrats on #4. Yet another beautiful little Kirk kiddo. Can't wait to see them. And you're too kind! (And it was a fast labor--I never did share many post jonah delivery pictures :))